Friday, May 18, 2007

chocolate delights and Napket snob food

I'm so excited about the tour tomorrow. I've been visiting some of the stores in anticipation, to make sure everything is ready for our arrival. We are going to have an extraordinary day, filled with such incredible chocolate - and more!

I also came across Napket. Seeing the tag line "snob food" I had to go in. Delicious muffin loaves lined the walls, gourmet salads on the bench top below. Such itnensity of colour, and the food combinations: pomegrante, artichoke. The breads were the most intriguing. I struggled to decide between feta, mint and spinach; basil, tomato and mozzeralla; olive and more, but finally selected the mozzerella, gorgonzola and parmesan that looked moist and just divine. I asked for assistance and felt like Harry in Love Actually when purchasing the necklace from Rowan Atkinson.

Layers upon layers of ornate packaging for one slice of bread. Only to be unwrapped and uncovered and devoured (delightfully) at the bus stop just outside. Despite the rather outrageous pricing, it was worth it. I'm going back. My love of food could not deny me.

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