Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kallari Rainfamily Chocolate Bars

The chocolate discoveries seem endless! Last night after a curry in Exeter I was permitted (well, I ran in and it was tolerated) to go inside a new food shop: a season gourmet food store. In house bakery, sushi bar, pizza parlour, plus deli counters of cheese, cakes, meats. It had officially closed but the manager told me to take my time. Not wanting to keep him or my friends waiting I did a quick circuit. I bet if it had been open there would have been an array of samples to try, as in a market. I was looking for a packet of nice biscuits or something to get for our dessert but none were in sight. I ignored the cakes on the basis of our having just stuffed ourselves quite a lot of Indian food, though they looked worthy of revisiting some time. Then I saw several brown paper wrapped bars: chocolate!

Apart from a rather generic Swiss organic chocolate sharing the same shelf I didn’t see any other chocolate in the store. This makes it so difficult to gauge what the knowledge of chocolate is. There were two varieties of the brown paper brand. Only 50g in size, but I grabbed one of each and headed for the counter. I was told I had made a good choice. Excellent. Delighted with my discovery I returned to my kind friends waiting in the street and we continued on our way.
I have had a lovely weekend, which will be nicely rounded off tonight with another nice meal, at another friend’s house. My nudging persuaded her to host a final dinner party before she moves home. I’m looking forward to excellent food and company to match. After all this focus on fine dining the last few days I think it may be salads all this week in preparation for the full day luxury chocolate tour this Saturday. There are still a couple of spare spaces. I can’t wait. It’s going to be such fun.

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