Saturday, May 12, 2007

Revisiting Summer Lodge

Can you marry a hotel? I suspect not. But if you could, I would definitely want to be partnered for life with Summer Lodge in Dorset. Of course, what makes it particularly special is the incredible service you get there. The staff are supremely sensitive to your every whim, though one would, I suppose, expect this given the price already assumes a tip about 1000 times the all-in price of most hotels. And worth every penny, I say. Of course, easier for me to say because Jonny paid. Isn’t he great?

I struggled to decide between two desserts on Friday night, and requested to know what chocolate was used for the chocolate trio. “Dark fondant, white chocolate icecream, and some milk chocolate.”


“And do you know what brand he uses?”

“Oh! Ok, I don’t. I will go and ask.”

How sweet. He came and said it is Valhrona. Decision made. However he continued and said that if we were staying for lunch tomorrow the chef could specially prepare my alternate choice. Second decision made.

It really is the most lovely hotel ever. Of course we could stay for lunch again.

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