Saturday, May 05, 2007

William Curley chocolates

I sneaked in ever so briefly to buy some of William’s chocolates to sample again. His shop isn’t very conveniently located for me so I have only been there a few times. Though – very exciting news! – he will soon be serving up his treats in central London!

I selected eight from the range and was slightly aghast at the final price the sweet shop assistant read from the register. Only then did I ask how much they were per 100g. The priciest in the capital (well, of those that allow you to buy them per 100g). I took them home to my chocolate partner in crime and we have been tasting them very methodically. The winners? The sea-salted caramel is divine. I don’t know who started this trend but so far I can’t pick a winner amongst all the chocolatiers. Canet in Nice (France) stands out but for an official verdict I think I would need to line them all up together. Other favourites were the mango and passionfruit (so fresh and well- balanced) and the araguano truffle.(delightfully creamy).

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