Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Galler chocolates

A friend kindly forwarded me news of Galler's arrival in Harrods. It was in French but I got the gist, went on to google and sleuthed out the rest. I was intrigued.. had they taken over Max Brenner? How might I have missed this?

But no, at least not yet. And, to be clear, I don't think the plans are to take over Max Brenner, but they will create a chocolate tea room as they have in Belgium and the Middle East.

Galler is a Belgian chocolate company, making chocolates the Belgian way but with more care than some of the so called "Belgian" companies. They have a big range and their staff are lovely. As I usually do, I turned up as a customer and the very helpful sales girl offered me a sample and then talked me through their range (at my request). She was very sweet and when I asked what her favourite was (the Earl Grey tea) she gave me a piece to try. I selected a few in a bag to buy and try later and said goodbye to the staff and walked away. On my way out of the hall I stopped to chat with Jessie from La Maison and she asked if I had been to the Galler concession. I said I had. She said she must introduce me. Rather bashfully I returned and explained my business and then learned that one of the men standing near the counter was in fact the UK Director of the company. How exciting. I was then treated to even more information and even more samples (I rolled home!) and learnt lots about this very interesting chocolate company. They have some really unique products. I am always so impressed that every chocolatier, every store has its own offerings that no other chocolatier has.

My favourite (so far) is the dark coffee caramel heart.

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