Sunday, May 06, 2007

country musings

I’m currently sitting in Northumberland overlooking a beautiful garden and, beyond that, a valley. There is a fire at my back and freshly baked bread on the tablecloth beside me. I love getting out of London for the weekend. Especially a long weekend. Right now I wouldn’t live anywhere else but it is so peaceful being away from it. Only when I step outside the M25 do I realise how insular my view of the world becomes whilst inside. I move from one project to another and back again, and am constantly bombarded with new information, admittedly I pay the most attention to food related news, but am also aware of happenings in other major cities, of anticipated mergers in the financial world, of CRI reports, environmental damage and the like. Visiting smaller towns reminds me that there is even more to life, and sometimes those other larger scale things are best forgotten for a while. Time to appreciate the trees and the flowers and the deer that tread across the grass to eat the roses. I grew up in the country, but I feel almost like I’ve completely forgotten what it was like to live in a rural community. It’s nice to be reminded.

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